Sanders’ Quiz Nights

I think we all have people in our lives whom we call 'aunty', even though they're not really our aunty. One of my mum's oldest friends, Gill, is one of those people, and in the last four years she has also been one of our

Teddies’ Quiz Night

In May 2014 a group of lovely staff from Hannah's old nursery, got together and decided to organise a quiz night event to raise funds for Reverse Rett. They organised the whole thing themselves, finding the venue, compiling the questions, writing to  innumerable companies for

Eaton House School

         A good friend of mine, whom I first met through a toddler group when Hannah and her son were only 9 months old, nominated Reverse Rett as charity of the year for her school's fundraising events. Fortunately, both her school and the linked primary

Asda Bag-Packing

Spending a day packing strangers' bags in an overcrowded supermarket four weeks before Christmas didn't sound particularly appealing when it was first suggested to me in 2014 by our lovely local Asda charity manager. However, it did sound like it might raise some money and

5 x 50 Challenge 2014

Following Vincent's Just Walk 60k challenge in 2013, it was my turn to take on a physical challenge of some kind in 2014. The 'little and often' approach sounded mildly less daunting than the 'half kill yourself in one weekend' approach, so I signed up

Hypnosis for Hannah

          In early 2012, some friends of ours got talking to a local resident and  Harley Street hypotherapist called John Mill, who was looking for a cause to support through his work. They told him about Hannah and suggested he give me a call. He