Canterbury Coffee Mornings

Being the grandparent of a child with Rett Syndrome comes with its own particular heartbreak, frustration and sense of helplessness. Grandparents can feel a double sense of sorrow as they watch both their granddaughter and also their son/daughter and other grandchildren struggling with the diagnosis and daily implications of Rett. Hannah's Grandma, my mum, has never been one to simply [...]

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Snowball Get Togethers 4 Rett

Our Snowball Get Together 4 Rett campaign kicked off in November 2014 and will hopefully keep on rolling (get it?) throughout 2015. The idea is simple: invite some friends round for tea, coffee, cake and chat; ask them to make small donations in return for your fabulous hosting; inspire them to go away and host their own events, inviting lots [...]

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Rhea Paints for Rett

     In 2014, one of our biggest, most talented, yet youngest supporters, became 8 year old Rhea, who heard about Rett Syndrome and Hannah through her school's fundraising and decided to take up the challenge personally. Rhea is a really talented artist, so with the support of her parents, she set herself the task of painting 100 unique canvases [...]

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Company/organisation donations

Mainly thanks to my wonderful mum and dad's friends and contacts, we are lucky to receive one-off donations and support throughout the year. Mum and Dad have talked to these groups about Hannah and about Rett Syndrome, and they have gone on either to make donations or to hold events to support Reverse Rett. These contacts continue to grow every [...]

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Individual’s Efforts

Over the last few years, several individuals have initiated their own events to help us raise funds. Every one of these means a huge amount to us, not only because of the funds they raise but also because of the thought behind them. It is always humbling to think that others are thinking about us and Hannah and choosing to [...]

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