Rhea shortlisted for National Young Fundraiser Award!

This week we got the exciting news that Rhea has been shortlisted for a National Young Fundraiser award! Rhea is currently well underway with her new challenge and this recognition is so richly deserved. The award ceremony takes place in London on 6th July and should be a wonderful evening. Regardless of the outcome, we are immensely proud of Rhea […]

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Holding on to Hannah Concert

Following a successful ‘Butterflies and Blues’ concert in Canterbury in 2013, we are holding our second musical evening in Canterbury in July 2015. We are incredibly excited and grateful to have some enormously talented and established musicians giving us their time and talents for this event. The evening will consist of folk, blues, harp, harmonica, haunting vocals, Irish music, modern […]

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Rhea Paints for Rett, again!

Last year, 8 year old Rhea was one of many students at Eaton House Manor who joined in their school’s phenomenal fund-raising efforts for Reverse Rett. However, Rhea was so touched by the story of Hannah and girls like her, that she decided to take her efforts one step further, and to use her wonderful artistic skills to do so. […]

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Beth’s Not Quite the 60k Challenge

Two years ago, Vincent joined the Reverse Rett team of walkers (lunatics) who took on the 60k Just Walk Challenge across the South Downs. This year, it’s my turn :)

Led by stalwart fundraiser and Dad to Molly, Greg McKeague, the Reverse Rett team this year will be doing the 40K challenge, which fits neatly into Vincent’s #midlifecrisischallenge theme!

If you know […]

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Vincent’s ’40’ Challenge


In honour (fear) of his upcoming 40th birthday, Vincent decided to set himself a ‘mid-life crisis challenge’, to be completed between his 39th and 40th birthdays. The challenge consists of three parts:

cycling (on an exercise bike in our front room) 4040kms
losing 40lbs in weight
persuading/cajoling/bribing/blackmailing 40 other nutters to create their own physical challenge too!

It’s a little mad, but thoroughly do-able […]

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Kathrin’s Australian marathon

Taking the #themidlifecrisischallenge to the other side of the world, Vincent’s sister, Kathrin, is going to be running a marathon around one of Australia’s most famous and breath-taking landmarks, Uluru!  Kathrin is a renowned artist in Australia and has used her talents to raise a great deal of money and awareness for charities over the years. She has worked particularly closely […]

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