Eaton House School

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A good friend of mine, whom I first met through a toddler group when Hannah and her son were only 9 months old, nominated Reverse Rett as charity of the year for her school’s fundraising events. Fortunately, both her school and the linked primary school did choose to support Reverse Rett, and their fundraising over the last twelve months has been phenomenal.

I have been privileged to visit the school and to meet their wonderful students, staff and parents, and to have been able to be a part of several events. As young girls, the pupils seemed to be really touched by Hannah’s story and their genuine desire to help was really moving to see.

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Their events have ranged from fairs to sponsored walks to cake sales to artwork. I have been thoroughly impressed by their sheer effort and determination, as well as by their creativity in their approach to fundraising. It is always particularly inspiring to se young people take up the cause so passionately, and the pupils at Eaton House have certainly inspired me 🙂

Thank you all.