5 x 50 Challenge 2014


Following Vincent’s Just Walk 60k challenge in 2013, it was my turn to take on a physical challenge of some kind in 2014. The ‘little and often’ approach sounded mildly less daunting than the ‘half kill yourself in one weekend’ approach, so I signed up to the 5×50 challenge, committing myself to running/cycling/walking/swimming/jogging 5kms a day every day for 50 consecutive days.

The challenge began in March (on mothers’ day as it happened!) and ended on 18th May. Team Hannah (I roped in four other fabulous friends to join me) completed the challenge without a single day or km missed, and I think I can honestly say we all even enjoyed it! The challenging part was not at all the distance or the physicality, but finding the time in our somewhat busy lives to just fit it in every day (although, I must admit, it did come to represent 30 minutes of peace and quiet for me!) Nevertheless, the relentlessness of the challenge in amongst busy working/mum/fundraising lives was definitely an additional act to juggle!

IMG_5595      IMG_5367  IMG_5552

We marked the final day by walking all together, along with Hannah, other children and husbands, to a lovely pub garden where we enjoyed a celebratory pint 🙂 Team Hannah raised £4800  altogether and, I like to think, got just a little fitter in the process too!


If you would like to donate to our 5×50 challenge, you can still do so at https://www.justgiving.com/213250stepsCloser2TheCure/