Putting the Protein Back

Rett Syndrome is caused by a lack of MeCP2 protein. Putting the protein back in mice, reverses symptoms. In 2007, Adrian Bird's lab demonstrated that the symptoms of Rett Syndrome could be successfully reversed in mice when protein levels were restored. Putting the protein back in

Approaches to Research

There are several different approaches in terms of research: putting the protein back: this approach aims to recreate the successful reversal experiments on mice, from 2007, which showed that putting the MeCP2¬†protein back reverses the symptoms of Rett.   improving symptoms: many of the symptoms of Rett could

Company/organisation donations

Mainly thanks to my wonderful mum and dad's friends and contacts, we are lucky to receive one-off donations and support throughout the year. Mum and Dad have talked to these groups about Hannah and about Rett Syndrome, and they have gone on either to make

Individual’s Efforts

Over the last few years, several individuals have initiated their own events to help us raise funds. Every one of these means a huge amount to us, not only because of the funds they raise but also because of the thought behind them. It is

Clothes and Toys Sale

Like many parents of small children, we have accumulated rather a lot of 'stuff' over the last 7 years, most of which we have moved from country to country and house to house, loft to loft. In 2012 I decided that it was

Butterflies and Blues Concert

  In May 2013 some friends and neighbours of Gill (Hannah's Grandma) decided to get together and stage a unique evening of blues music and butterflies expertise! An unlikely and rather bizarre sounding combination, yes, but the minds behind the madness were highly talented musicians