Hypnosis for Hannah

          In early 2012, some friends of ours got talking to a local resident and  Harley Street hypotherapist called John Mill, who was looking for a cause to support through his work. They told him about Hannah and suggested he give me a call. He

Canterbury Coffee Mornings

Being the grandparent of a child with Rett Syndrome comes with its own particular heartbreak, frustration and sense of helplessness. Grandparents can feel a double sense of sorrow as they watch both their granddaughter and also their son/daughter and other grandchildren struggling with the diagnosis

Armel: Training for Hannah

  Our good friend, Armel, has always been a bit of a nutter. He is French, after all. He takes his training and his sports very seriously, and he has undertaken physical challenges which only the super-fit would even contemplate. He has also always had a

Snowball Get Togethers 4 Rett

Our Snowball Get Together 4 Rett campaign kicked off in November 2014 and will hopefully keep on rolling (get it?) throughout 2015. The idea is simple: invite some friends round for tea, coffee, cake and chat; ask them to make small donations in return for

Rhea Paints for Rett

     In 2014, one of our biggest, most talented, yet youngest supporters, became 8 year old Rhea, who heard about Rett Syndrome and Hannah through her school's fundraising and decided to take up the challenge personally. Rhea is a really talented artist, so with

Understanding the Causes of Rett Syndrome

Certain key things are known about what causes Rett, which is a huge advantage in terms of trying to find treatments and a cure. We know that: It is a single gene disorder. It has been widely demonstrated to be reversible when the missing protein is replaced