Armel: Training for Hannah



Our good friend, Armel, has always been a bit of a nutter. He is French, after all. He takes his training and his sports very seriously, and he has undertaken physical challenges which only the super-fit would even contemplate. He has also always had a certain connection with Hannah, who is a sucker for a handsome man with a cheeky streak 🙂

So, we are honoured that this year Armel has decided to set himself his biggest physical challenges yet, in support of Hannah and the #themidlifecrisischallenge.

Throughout 2015, Armel will be aiming to:

  • complete a minimum of 350 hours of physical training (250 being his ‘norm’!)
  • complete one Swedish classic event, plus several other major sporting events
  • sponsor himself (!) £1 for every hour of training he completes
  • obtain sponsorship from others for his training and events

This is an immense challenge and we thank Armel humbly for his commitment. We’ll definitely be buying him a pint at the end of it all 🙂

If you would like to read more about Armel’s challenge, please visit

and if you’d like to sponsor Armel, please go to

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