Approaches to Research

There are several different approaches in terms of research:

  • putting the protein back: this approach aims to recreate the successful reversal experiments on mice, from 2007, which showed that putting the MeCP2 protein back reverses the symptoms of Rett.


  • improving symptoms: many of the symptoms of Rett could be managed, either individually or in combination. Laboratory and clinical research looks into ways to alleviate and treat many of the symptoms which the girls live with daily.


  • understanding the causes: not enough is known about the underlying causes of Rett Syndrome, which stops us being able to find rational ways to fix the problem. Research is aimed at improving understanding of the underlying causes of the condition so that researchers can find rational ways to fix these issues.


  • bypassing MeCP2: another avenue for treating Rett is to find a way to bypass the need for MeCP2.

You can read more about each of these approaches through the individual links on our side menu.

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