Beth’s Not Quite the 60k Challenge

Two years ago, Vincent joined the Reverse Rett team of walkers (lunatics) who took on the 60k Just Walk Challenge across the South Downs. This year, it's my turn :) Led by stalwart fundraiser and Dad to Molly, Greg McKeague, the Reverse Rett team this year

Vincent’s ’40’ Challenge

           In honour (fear) of his upcoming 40th birthday, Vincent decided to set himself a ‘mid-life crisis challenge’, to be completed between his 39th and 40th birthdays. The challenge consists of three parts: cycling (on an exercise bike in our front room) 4040kms losing 40lbs in weight persuading/cajoling/bribing/blackmailing 40

Kathrin’s Australian marathon

Taking the #themidlifecrisischallenge to the other side of the world, Vincent's sister, Kathrin, is going to be running a marathon around one of Australia's most famous and breath-taking landmarks, Uluru!  Kathrin is a renowned artist in Australia and has used her talents to raise a great

Werner’s 400 mile cycle

Vincent's step-father and Hannah's American 'Opa', Werner Beck, joined the #themidlifecrisischallenge by deciding to cycle 400 miles by March 2015. Unlike Vincent, he has been actually cycling outside, around his local community in Florida. Werner has now completed his almighty cycling challenge and has raised

Heather’s Half Marathon

Vincent's wonderful boss and director of International Development at the Salvation Army, Heather Poxon, has challenged herself to run the St Albans half marathon on 14th June 2015. Heather originally intended to do a 5km run, but she unwittingly signed up for the half marathon instead

Emily’s Losing 40lbs!

Our lovely friend and ongoing supporter, Emily Hodge, has joined the Mid-Life Crisis Challenge's '40' theme, and set herself the almighty challenge of losing 40lbs! She has made an incredible start already, has lost 10lbs in the first month alone, and is doing a great