Vincent’s ’40’ Challenge

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In honour (fear) of his upcoming 40th birthday, Vincent decided to set himself a ‘mid-life crisis challenge’, to be completed between his 39th and 40th birthdays. The challenge consists of three parts:

  1. cycling (on an exercise bike in our front room) 4040kms
  2. losing 40lbs in weight
  3. persuading/cajoling/bribing/blackmailing 40 other nutters to create their own physical challenge too!

It’s a little mad, but thoroughly do-able and certainly something with enormous benefits all round (I get a super-fit husband, Vincent gets to prove he can actually multi-task, and hopefully Hannah and all girls like her get a few steps closer to that cure.)

If you would like to donate to Vincent’s challenge, or to any of those joining in with him, please visit:

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