Holding on to Hannah Concert

Following a successful ‘Butterflies and Blues’ concert in Canterbury in 2013, we are holding our second musical evening in Canterbury in July 2015. We are incredibly excited and grateful to have some enormously talented and established musicians giving us their time and talents for this event. The evening will consist of folk, blues, harp, harmonica, haunting vocals, Irish music, modern classics and folksy twists, all delivered by the brilliant Katie Bradley, Brendan Power and The Dooberrys. These artists have huge followings and highly successful musical careers, it will be a privilege to have them performing for Hannah and all our girls 🙂

If you would like to join us for this wonderful evening, tickets are £10 each (including glass of wine on entry) and can be bought here, and you can follow our FB page for the concert here. All the artists can also be found and followed on FB 🙂