Rhea Paints for Rett, again!


Last year, 8 year old Rhea was one of many students at Eaton House Manor who joined in their school’s phenomenal fund-raising efforts for Reverse Rett. However, Rhea was so touched by the story of Hannah and girls like her, that she decided to take her efforts one step further, and to use her wonderful artistic skills to do so. Rhea set herself the challenge of painting 100 canvas pictures in 100 days, each canvas being completely unique. She set out to ask for sponsorship whilst doing the painting, and then to sell her canvases at the Abbeville Fete in June. As it turned out, Rhea almost sold out of her wonderful paintings at her school fete a month before the Abbeville event, so had to keep on painting, smashing her original target and painting a total of 171 canvases! Overall, last year, Rhea raised an incredible £3700 and we are privileged to have some of Rhea’s artwork hanging in our home.


IMG_6315         IMG_6311        IMG_5992        IMG_6301

This year, Rhea has decided that since Rett is not yet cured, she will have to keep on painting and raising money to help us get there 🙂 She has challenged herself to paint 100 canvases in 100 days, again to be sold at the Abbeville Fete on 27th June. We are so touched that Rhea and her family continue to support us, and very much look forward to once again meeting them at various events as the challenge moves forward.


 IMG_8014 IMG_8021

If you would like to see some of Rhea’s artwork and/or to sponsor her, please click here

and please book 27th June into your diary to come along and support Rhea and Reverse Rett at the Abbeville Fete.