Simon Langton Girls’ School

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Twenty years ago, I was in the sixth form of Simon Langton Girls’ School and was proud to be one of two Heads of Charity, responsible for choosing and promoting charities and organising fundraisers for our school’s chosen groups. Little did I know that twenty years later, I would be back at the girls’ school, asking them to support a charity for my own daughter’s syndrome.

Fortunately, my old school did choose to support Reverse Rett as one of their charities of the year and have held several successful events so far. I have been fortunate to be able to visit the school and to speak with the girls of ‘Austen House’ who have got behind our cause passionately. So far, they have held numerous events from football matches to homemade chocolate sales to ‘Feely Cup’ (don’t ask!) They are also joining in with Reverse Rett’s ‘Change is Possible’ campaign to help smash our Big Give target in December 🙂

It’s been great (if surreal) to be back at school, and wonderful to see young people so committed to helping our girls.