There’s not really much to write on this page, except for please do!

We know that there are millions of fabulous, worthy causes out there, and that everyone has got their own story and own reason to support their charities. But we are parents of a little girl who is trapped inside her own body and whose eyes tell us that there is so much more she wants to give to, and take from, the world. If we didn’t fight for her future, what kind of parents would we be? We cannot apologise for asking for your help, but we are truly immensely grateful for every single one of you who supports our fight.

If you have been patient enough to browse this site and look through the various events and challenges our supporters have done over the past four years, you might already have got some ideas. If not, please take a look at Reverse Rett’s website for lots more inspiration 🙂

Reverse Rett write that they are fighting for the day, not too far, when the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome will be swiftly followed by the words: ‘but don’t worry, we have a cure for that.’ You could be part of making that day come sooner.